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Sometimes it’s the little things.

In the audio game we spend a lot of money on gear and software and sometimes it’s great to know a company has your back, even if it’s a rather minor thing.  Recently I bought a new pair of headphones opting to get Audio-Technica’s ATH-M50’s.  Now like a lot of gear I checked out the used markets of Craigslist and eBay before buying.  The pair I ended up purchasing were like new from a seller on eBay.  They arrived looking in mint condition but the one noticeable thing was the absence of the 1/4″ adapter.  Now if you don’t know headphones typically have a 1/8″ plug but professional audio gear require a 1/4″ adapter.

I have some snap-on adapters that fit and some screw-on adapters that did not fit. So I hit the internet in search of a suitable screw-on replacement.  After a bit of searching I could not find anything with the Audio-Technica name to it and the ones I found I would not be guaranteed they would fit.

I then went straight to the source and emailed Audio-Technica.  They must have replacement adaptors available for purchase.  My email was responded to immediately with an email asking for my address so they could send me a free replacement.  That’s right they said free.  I shot them back my email and a couple days later my adapter arrived in the mail.  I couldn’t believe it was so easy.  And like I said in the beginning it’s the little things.  All I needed was an adapter but they responded to my email immediately and shipped me a replacement for free.  That’s the kind of support I greatly appreciate.

2013-04-17 13.15.34

New tube, Well kind of.

This afternoon I received and installed a “new” tube into my Presonus Studio Channel Tube Preamplifier.


As you may know a lot of tube gear comes from the factory with a shiny new Chinese tube and for those looking to upgrade their gear and their sound replacing the tube with a vintage tube is a great way to go.  For this I took to eBay and purchased myself a 1960’s Tung-Sol 12AX7 tube.  So while it is new to me and it tests as New Old Stock, it is not actually new.

Presonus Studio Channel with Tung-Sol 12ax7

Presonus Studio Channel with Tung-Sol 12ax7


Now that I have a serious upgrade at the tube the real question is, How does it sound?  Well honestly I don’t know yet.  I just installed it and snapped a couple of pictures.  I need talented artists to get into the studio and try it out.  And then you will now.