It's A State of Mind


Prhym8 - Awfully Nice 
           - Tracked & Mixed Hit Me Again, Mastered Album
           - Check out album here
           - Facebook Page

The Phantom Dream - The First Conspiracy   
           - Recorded, Mixed, Mastered album
           - Sample Tracks
           - Facebook Page

Pelly - Discovery [Mixtape]
      - Pain & Pleasure [Mixtape]            avatars-000027881514-pveny0-t200x200
           - Recorded, Mixed, Produced
           - Listen on Soundcloud
           - Facebook Page

Adrian Torbenson - Just Can't Move On              
           - Recorded, Mixed, Mastered Albumadriantorbenson
           - Buy on

Briggsy - My Name Is Briggsy                            51sp74h4pal-_ss500
           - Recorded, Mixed, Mastered EP
           - Buy on Amazon

Gravy Train - Gravy Train
            - Recorded, Mixed, Mastered Album     21274_807991012623282_121045999696668389_n
            - Find on Facebook
            - Find on Reverbnation

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